Private lessons in London

Private lessons in London


Learn privately in your local swimming centre, or in our of privately run facilities.

These sessions are especially effective for great skill retention, privacy and lasting results.


Our training location offers an  exclusive, secure and welcoming space for you or your family.

  • What is 1 to 1?

    1 to 1 is the ratio of learners to instructors. One learner and one teacher

    2:1 means two learners and one instructor


    Swimming is a great way to keep fit, increase mobility, coordination and full body strength. Its a great new skill to learn or to improve on especially in a warm, clean environment.


    Get 1 to 1 (or 2:1) personal training to accelerate the learning process. These sessions are especially effective for quick results with frequent sessions.

  • Booking Info

    A booking will reserve a place for the specified duration of the course. Monthly lessons, termly or annual lessons may be postponed or refunded upon written notice recieved a minimum of 48 hours before the date of activity. Please email

  • Why choose private lessons

    Learn in a calm, clean, focussed environment.


    Private lessons offer great interaction with the instructor and personalised feedback. The session can be organised for friendship groups when booked together, single participants or for small groups working towards similar achievements.


    It's a great choice for structured, tailored and comfortable space where you can relax and develop confidence.

  • Individual or termly

    These lessons are available for single bookings and ongoing sessions.