Families learning how to swim with online courses

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Polaris Aquatic Training offers lessons for families and individuals online.

2020 has been the most disruptive year for learning to swim since world war 2. Pools have been closed and access is intensely limited, only for confident swimmers and in many cases only for adults.

Online courses are being subscribed by learners from international countries, all able to discuss and challenge the principles of learning to swim. Courses include visual references, practical examples and funny experiences to reach pupils of school age and above.

Use the knowledge to increase your intelligence, practice for yourself, or provide support for others who want to improve their technique. Subject matter experts are on hand to answer questions and stretch your imagination for a community building project that will encourage health and fitness as we prepare to resume exercise.

Spaces are limited to 4 learners per course which makes for better conversations. Reserve a space for invaluable knowledge.

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